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Agribusiness Team

Agribusiness Team

Australian agribusiness has always been one of this country’s industry pillars. The industry lives the expansion and dives of the Australian economy, dealing with the natural environment in which they operate – drought, fire and flood in often disparate portions, as well as the general economic strength of Australia and the world.

Hamilton Murphy’s Agribusiness Team has spent years on the land as well as behind corporate desks and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist businesses and individuals in rural Australia. We understand that when our farmers are struggling through natural disasters and economic issues, these effects are felt by everyone surrounding them from manufacturers to distributors to retailers and anyone in between.

Our range of services for the Agribusiness sector includes advice on:

  • Business restructuring; and
  • Personal Insolvency; and

We have first-hand experience having worked on farms and we understand the rural economy and its up and downs. Our specialised staff are hands on operators who have undertaken an extensive range of assignments in the agricultural sector and recognise that no one solution fits every situation.


I was particularly impressed with Hamilton Murphy’s determination, analytical skills, and hard work. I appreciate that I was talking to real people that understood what was important for me. Ian Greet, Stephen Dixon and Stefanie Krienke, with their approach and ability in handling my situation, and finding solutions with a fast recovery was second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend the Hamilton Murphy Team .They are truly a team of people that work under the motto of Options with Respect’.

Kellie Maddinson, Agribusiness Client