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24th February, 2020

Directors personally liable for unpaid GST

Earlier this month the Australian Senate passed The Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Bill 2019. A lot of attention was paid to the anti-phoenixing provisions, but the Bill runs a little deeper, specifically around the risks of directors’ personal liability for GST.

The bill has the provision that directors of companies which have a GST debt that is 3 months overdue will become personally liable for the hashtag#GST collected but not paid, adding to the liabilities facing directors when a business becomes insolvent.

The provisions to come into effect on 1/4/2020, and in order to avoid this liability directors, will need to either have the company for which they are a director pay the debt or enter into a repayment arrangement with the hashtag#ATO to repay the debt in full. If this is not possible, the directors should immediately consider appointing a liquidator or administrator to the company.

If you are an accountant, we encourage you to discuss the changes with your clients or we can come in and meet with them.

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