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8th September, 2020

Hamilton Murphy – Restructuring | Insolvency | Bankruptcy are thrilled to be named as a finalist for the 2020 WIRV Awards, Gender Diversity Firm of the Year!

Hamilton Murphy approaches gender diversity and career progression by providing a supporting environment for all staff to grow. Most recently, more females have been promoted into management roles than men. 54% of the management team are now female which is an increase from 22% in recent years. The firm rewards hard work, loyalty and dedication which evidences equal opportunities for both men and women.

There are 4 liquidators in the firm, one of whom is a female which is a great motivator for other women within the firm. The firm regularly refers work to women in the industry including solicitors, insurers, accountants, and agents. Prior to COVID, the firm has supported diversity and flexibility in the workplace including working from home arrangements, allowing staff to balance their working hours with further study (even if it is not related to the industry) and assisting a staff member in getting more information on legal clerkships during business hours.

The firm is genuinely diverse in all aspects with 9 of the 31 staff members are from countries outside of Australia which the firm celebrates.

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