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Bankruptcy Advice Melbourne

Our Bankruptcy Team (or Personal Insolvency Team) offers a comprehensive range of services to address the challenges faced by individuals, creditors and organisations. Our experienced team understands that no two situations are the same, and we provide solutions to assist both individuals and creditors in the most challenging financial situations.

We provide advice and solutions to both creditors and individuals and we have a strong track record in assisting our clients in all matters relating to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides protection to individuals who are unable to repay their debts or reach a suitable arrangement with their creditors. Once the act of bankruptcy has occurred, there are obligations and restrictions imposed on that individual.

Our Bankruptcy Advice in Melbourne

Finding yourself in a position of considering whether or not to declare bankruptcy can be a stressful and humbling experience. It is a serious and consequential decision that can have long-reaching implications for your financial future or options.

At Hamilton Murphy Advisory, we provide tailored bankruptcy advice to Melbourne-based clients who are weighing up what course of action is best to deal with their growing debt. Rest assured you will be provided with the best options for your individual needs.

For all enquiries, simply call our offices today.

Leading Insolvency Advice for Perth Businesses and Individuals

Whether you or your business is facing financial difficulties, it is crucial to seek out professional and qualified advice that is specific to your situation. That is why clients turn to the staff here at Hamilton Murphy Advisory.

Our firm’s Partners, Stephen Dixon and Trent Hancock are leading insolvency practitioners in Australia, meaning clients across the country can be sure they are dealing with a skilled and respected team who can tackle any case.

For sought-after bankruptcy advice, Perth clients know to call our staff.

Trusted Bankruptcy Advice in Sydney, Brisbane and Beyond

Hamilton Murphy Advisory is proud to be the 3rd highest rated insolvency firm in Victoria, and twelfth nationally, with our compassionate staff providing services and solutions to all clients.

We will walk you through the various stages and processes involved with filing for bankruptcy, allowing you to better weigh your options and ensure that you fully understand the consequences and long-term implications that may follow.

Call us today for proven bankruptcy advice in Sydney, Brisbane and beyond.

Personalised Bankruptcy Advice for Perth, Brisbane and Sydney Clients

The staff at Hamilton Murphy Advisory work closely with each of our clients, providing the kind of one-on-one services and assistance that you simply won’t find at larger firms.

We understand that each client comes to us with a different set of circumstances and are often worried about the state of their immediate and long-term financial future. That is why we work hard to provide a welcoming and calm space for them in our offices, helping to remove at least one element of stress from what can be a very taxing process.

See why we’re the go-to name for bankruptcy advice in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth by calling our staff today.

Proven Services and Solutions in Bankruptcy Advice for Clients from Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

There are few things worse than facing financial insecurity, whether it is related to your personal income or business. It can be easier than we would like for debts to pile up to a point where we can no longer afford to pay them, while still having to contend with our usual day-to-day expenses.

That is why the staff here at Hamilton Murphy Advisory know how important it is to provide targeted and reliable advice on all bankruptcy matters, guiding our clients through the process and helping them reach an informed decision.

To speak with our team regarding our work in bankruptcy advice, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne-based clients simply get in touch with us today.

Get the Bankruptcy Advice You Need in Brisbane

The Hamilton Murphy Advisory Queensland office is located in the heart of Brisbane. We are here to assist all Queenslanders with corporate bankruptcy and personal insolvency matters, including organisations and creditors, as well as individuals.

For bespoke advice that considers your current circumstances and plans for your long-term financial future, organise your free initial consultation with our team today. In this no-obligation consultation, we can provide you with initial bankruptcy advice in Brisbane and begin to establish your best course of action going forward.

Choose Our Trusted Professionals for Bankruptcy Advice and Services on the Gold Coast

As well as organisations and individuals in Brisbane, our Queensland team also provides tailored bankruptcy advice on the Gold Coast and across regional Queensland. Our professional, experienced, and qualified team will provide specific advice in a respectful manner.

You Can Rely On Our Liquidators in Melbourne

If you are facing liquidation, the Hamilton Murphy Advisory team can guide you. There are several types of voluntary and mandatory liquidation that may apply depending on your circumstances. Hamilton Murphy Advisory’s team of liquidators in Melbourne and across Australia will provide a hands-on approach that involves liaising with all possible stakeholders in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

Our liquidators include Karen Kelson, who is a Registered Liquidator with the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria, and Stephen Dixon, who was rated 3rd Nationally and 2nd in Victoria in the Sivaa statistics for Top Liquidators of FY21.

Whether you are looking for liquidators on the Gold Coast, in Melbourne, or across Australia, we are here to assist you.

Contact Our Liquidators in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

Hamilton Murphy Advisory has a team of liquidators in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for liquidators in Brisbane, Penrith, or Rockingham, we can provide local and fully-tailored services. Our partner Trent Hancock is able to assist with any corporate insolvency matters

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, contact your nearest Hamilton Murphy Advisory team today.

Our personal insolvency services include:

Trustee in Bankruptcy

  • Debtor’s petition
  • Creditor’s petition
  • Insolvent deceased estates
  • Composition
  • Annulment
Alternatives to Bankruptcy
  • Informal arrangements
  • Personal Insolvency Agreements (Part X)

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Trustee in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process where a trustee is appointed to administer an insolvent person’s affairs in order to provide a fair distribution of the person’s assets to their creditors. The Bankruptcy Act 1966 is in place to protect debtors (ie. the bankrupt) and any creditors. The debtor is protected from being pursued by any creditors and, with certain limited exceptions, is then released from their debts at the end of the bankruptcy period. The personal bankruptcy regime also protects creditors’ interests by having an independent, qualified accountant control and investigate the bankrupt’s affairs and collect and distribute any personal assets of the bankrupt (subject to certain criteria). Bankruptcy provides a clear path for the debtor to make a fresh start. There were over 20,700 people who went bankrupt in Australia during FY19/20. Although this was a decrease from the previous financial year, overall this was a 3% increase year on year.

Trustee In Bankruptcy
Creditor’s Petition

If a creditor is unable to recover a debt over $5,000 from an individual through ordinary means, an application can be made to court to declare the individual bankrupt. Creditors can be individual creditors or a group acting as joint creditors. The total amount of the unpaid debt must not be less than $5,000, which could include small creditors acting jointly. Secured creditors cannot present a creditor’s petition, unless to the extent that the amount owed exceeds the relevant security. Alternatively, if the secured creditor surrenders its security to the trustee in bankruptcy, the secured creditor can participate in the joint creditor’s petition.

Creditors Petition
Personal Insolvency Agreements (Part X)

A personal insolvency agreement (also known as Part X) is a formal arrangement for a debtor to deal with their creditors by making a proposal in satisfaction of their debts. This option can be feasible for a debtor that does not meet the eligibility requirements of a debt agreement because their assets and liabilities are considered too great. The arrangement is flexible and the terms may be negotiated between the individual and creditors. This option is an alternative to bankruptcy and can be an appropriate option if professional advice is sought early.

Personal Insolvency Agreements
Composition (Section 73 Proposal)

A proposal pursuant to Section 73 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 is a formal agreement between a bankrupt, creditors and the Trustee that monitors the agreement. If creditors accept the Section 73 proposal, the bankruptcy is annulled and it is as though the bankruptcy never occurred. Under a Section 73 Proposal, the bankrupt is released from the restrictions of remaining in bankruptcy. They are released from their debts and their property revests in them (unless it is dealt with in the Section 73 Proposal). In return, creditors would expect to be offered a higher return than they would have received in the bankruptcy.

Insolvent Deceased Estate

Hamilton Murphy can act as the independent party that conducts the investigations and administers the deceased estate under Part XI of the Bankruptcy Act. We are experienced in enabling the distribution of an insolvent deceased estate’s assets whilst managing any issues which may arise in a sensitive manor.

Insolvent Deceased Estate
About Bankruptcy
Key aspects of Bankruptcy
  • Key aspects of Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy term of 3 years
  • Loss of divisible assets
  • Disqualification to act as a Director during the bankruptcy period
  • Credit rating is affected
  • Limitations on overseas travel
  • Various exceptions to common assets
Causes of Bankruptcy
  • A situation where an individual is unable to pay all their debts
  • A situation where an individual receives letters of demand, writs and/or bankruptcy notices from creditors, debt collectors or solicitors
  • An individual chooses to make themselves bankrupt with debts of at least $5,000
  • A creditor applies to the court to make an individual bankrupt if they can prove that the individual has at least $5,000 in debt and that a bankruptcy notice has expired
  • When a creditor is experiencing non-payment of a debt, dishonoured cheques or payments, trading terms extended or not met by the individual
  • An individual’s personal guarantees provided for company debts are called up
Outcomes of Bankruptcy
  • A Registered Trustee is appointed and manages your bankruptcy
  • The Trustee recovers and sells your assets for the benefit of the creditors and investigates your financial affairs
  • Relief is provided to the individual in bankruptcy from debt problems and extinguishes existing debts
  • Relief from creditor demands
  • The ability for the individual to start life afresh after bankruptcy, being free from debt
Benefits of Bankruptcy
  • A Registered Trustee is appointed and manages your bankruptcy
  • Consolidates financial debts
  • Relief from creditor demands for payment of debts
  • The ability for the individual to start life afresh after bankruptcy, being free from debt