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    A Top 20 National Insolvency Firm

    We see our growth as recognition we are doing things the right way. We know it is stressful to have financial issues, whether they are business or personal, which is why we operate the way in which we do.


    Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney


    A wealth of experience


    We are now one of Australia's leading insolvency firms


    Our Approach
    We like to think we’re different, but in a good way.

    Yes, we are a specialist restructuring, corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy practice business.

    Yes, we have both qualified Chartered Accountants and members of CPA Australia.

    What makes us different is how we treat you. It’s what we call ‘The Hamilton Murphy Way’.

    This starts with taking time to understand your situation and what’s important to you.

    At the core of everything we do is providing options with respect for both creditors and debtors as well as their advisors.

    Options with Respect. A little old fashioned maybe, however most people like the way we deliver a number of options, as we find there is usually a better way.

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    What makes Hamilton Murphy different
    Meet the Team

    We think we have the best practitioners in Australia, it is the reason we are growing and building so many great relationships nationally. Backing up our expert knowledge is a work ethic second-to-none. Our team love their work and getting the job done based on our mutual expectations.

    Trent Hancock Partner

    years experience

    Trent Hancock2
    Stephen Dixon Partner

    years experience

    Stephen Dixon

    Insolvency Campbelltown

    Hamilton Murphy Advisory is the firm that clients in and around Campbelltown trust for leading advice and insight on all insolvency matters.

    We are proud to be the third highest rated insolvency firm in Victoria, as well as twelfth overall across Australia, and work hard to live up to our reputation of delivering personalised and proven services to all clients, no matter the specifics of their case or what industry they belong to.

    To learn more about how our trusted staff can assist will an insolvency case, Campbelltown clients simply have to contact our offices today.

    Professional Insolvency Services in Campbelltown

    Insolvency is not commonly a straightforward or simple process, especially if you approach it without the assistance of an experienced and reliable professional. That is why, when faced with the prospect of insolvency, you need to call Hamilton Murphy Advisory.

    Led by Partners Steve Dixon and Trent Hancock, our staff are committed to providing each client with the information and insight they need to properly navigate their upcoming insolvency proceedings. We ensure that our clients are always aware of what is happening at each stage of the process, and why, delivering a transparent and one-on-one service that simply can’t be found at larger firms.

    So when it comes to insolvency matters, Campbelltown clients know to turn to the staff at Hamilton Murphy Advisory.

    Work with a Specialist Bankruptcy Advisor in Campbelltown

    For leading services from a respected bankruptcy advisor, Campbelltown clients don’t have to look further than the staff at Hamilton Murphy Advisory.

    We help our clients to understand the consequences that follow a declaration of bankruptcy, allowing them to make a more informed decision as to what is best for their short and long-term financial future.

    Our staff will assist in managing every step of the proceeding, working to reduce the stress that can come from being faced with the decision to declare bankruptcy.

    To Book a Consultation for Business Restructuring or Recovery, Campbelltown Clients Can Call Today

    At Hamilton Murphy Advisory, our insolvency and bankruptcy advisors provide Campbelltown clients with tailored solutions in both business restructuring and recovery.

    No matter how complex your financial circumstances may be, or what industry your business belongs to, we can provide strategies and services that will help to clarify the financial future of your company.

    Liquidation Advice and Liquidation Services in Campbelltown

    If you’re looking for advice and services regarding the liquidation of your Campbelltown business, the professionals at Hamilton Murphy Advisory are here to assist you. There are several different types of liquidation that may apply in your circumstances, including Court Liquidation, Members Voluntary Liquidation, and Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

    Our experienced liquidators in Campbelltown will ensure you are taking the right path in order to protect, collect, and distribute your company’s assets.

    Talk to Our Insolvency Professionals and Liquidators in Campbelltown

    The Hamilton Murphy Advisory team is experienced in all forms of liquidation. Partners Trent Hancock and Stephen Dixon have more than 60 years of combined experience between them, and our team is made up of registered liquidators who have served in the highest courts of our states and country.

    For all service enquiries regarding liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy, and business recovery, call our staff today.

    Our Locations

    If a business you’re involved with may require our services, please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation
    - this is free of charge and without obligation.

    • Victoria

      Level 21, 114 William Street
      Melbourne VIC 3000

      PO Box 117
      Collins Street West VIC 8007

      T (03) 8866 7600F (03) 9428 4152

    • Western Australia

      Unit 18, 28 Belmont Avenue
      Rivervale WA 6103

      PO Box 68, Belmont LPO
      Belmont WA 6104

      T (08) 9334 7400F (03) 9428 4152

    • Queensland

      Level 8, 100 Creek Street,
      Brisbane QLD 4000.

      T (07) 3129 0438F (03) 9428 4152

    • New South Wales

      Level 12, 503 Kent Street
      SYDNEY NSW 2000.

      PO Box Q904
      Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

      T (02) 8270 6900F (03) 9428 4152